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Frequently Asked Questions

Seaside Arborists is dedicated to ensuring that their customers are informed customers.  Below are some frequently asked questions with answers on arborist-related topics. If you have a question that you cannot find answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why is Pruning Important?

bullet Why Should I Care About Trees and Shrubs?
bullet How Often Do Trees Need Care?
bullet What is 'Tree Topping'?
bullet Why is Mulching Important for Trees, Shrubs, and Plant Beds?
bullet My Tree or Shrub Appears to Be Yellowing or Dying. What Could be Wrong?


Why is Pruning Important?

Pruning involves cutting or removing branches on trees and shrubs and is critical to the health of your trees and shrubs because it:

bullet removes dead, diseased, and injured branches.
bullet improves the size and shape of your trees and shrubs.
bullet rejuvenates older plants for safety and convenience.
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Why Should I Care About Trees and Shrubs?

A landscaped yard that includes trees and shrubs offers the following benefits:

bullet energy conservation - saving you on heating and cooling costs
bullet increased property values
bullet privacy and scenery
bullet crime protection... according to the UIUC Human-Environment Research
laboratory,  dwellings surrounded by trees are dramatically safer than those
that are not
bullet a barrier against unwanted noise such as traffic-related noise
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How Often Do Trees Need Care?

The level and frequency of care and attention that each tree or shrub requires depends on the type and age of the tree or shrub.  Check out for more information on care cycles for specific types of trees or shrubs, or contact us at Seaside Arborists.

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What is 'Tree Topping'?

Tree topping is a practice that can do much more harm than good.  The goal is to reduce the size of the tree, but it compromises the tree's health, and can lead to a hazardous situation if the tree dies.  Seaside recommends a variety of alternatives to tree topping. Contact us if you have a specific situation you would like us to evaluate for you free of charge.

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Why is Mulching Important for Trees, Shrubs, and Plant Beds?

Mulching involves covering the top layer of soil with materials (usually organic, such as shredded or chipped wood or bark).  The goal is to maintain mosture around the tree, shrub, or plant bed. Additional benefits include protecting the area from weeds and pests and increasing soil quality.

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My Tree or Shub Appears to Be Yellowing or Dying. What Could be Wrong?

A great number of things could be compromising the health of your tree or shrub. Its condition could be caused by a nutrient imbalance in the soil, or it could have a parasite problem, could be infected with a disease, or the problem may be environmental. If the cause is parasites or a disease, the problem could spread to your healthy trees and shrubs if left untreated. Contact us today for a free onsite visit and consultation.

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The best way to reach us is by calling or texting us at (774) 836-3875 or phoning our office at (508) 540-5786. Should you not reach us in person, please leave a message or text and we will be sure to respond promptly to your inquiry. Thank you for your interest in Seaside Arborists!